Blog #2 – UNROOTED: A Podcast About Sibling Abuse … Why “Unrooted”?!

I have always felt unrooted, though I didn’t really see it until recently. After many years of therapy, self-exploration, working at trying to connect with that deeper, truer “Self” inside – and moving more times than I can count – I’ve begun hearing that word rise from some deep, subconscious terrain – unrooted. It’s probably […]

Blog #1 – The Audacity!

“The AUDACITY!” That’s what I’m hearing these days. It’s the latest in a lifetime of criticism from one of the many voices in my head. I’m happy to say, they’ve diminished significantly, in frequency, tone, and weight. But every once in a while … I hear them … whispering to me. They’re subtle now, because […]