Unrooted: A Podcast About Sibling Abuse

(Coming Soon)

When I began to research sibling abuse, there was very little information available – a handful of books and articles; online searches resulted in one defunct website and a couple of articles. Over the years it has increased – which is fantastic – but the overwhelming sentiment still remains, “Why is nobody talking about this?”

Unrooted is where we can and will talk about it – what sibling abuse is and is not; what factors might lead to it occurring; why it is the ‘invisible’ abuse, the least known yet most common form of abuse; its prevalence; its impact.

Some episodes will be solo; in others, I will have conversations with people with lived experience and/or expertise about the issue, including survivors, perpetrators, family members and friends, as well as researchers and helpers such as therapists or counsellors.

Because of the lack of public discourse about the issue, and the broad, often incorrect use of the term “sibling rivalry”, survivors can feel alone, doubt their experiences, and may never make the connection between what they lived as children and what they experience as adults; perpetrators may never understand the impact of their behaviour; parents may not understand how vital it is to know about sibling abuse, its impact, and to intervene in the interactions between their children; professionals may not know what to do to help.

I hope to create a forum that addresses these challenges. Knowledge is power, as they say. Understanding what it is and is not, and sharing stories, is key to understanding and healing, and at the very least, lets people know they are not alone.

And the title, Unrooted… Why, you ask?! Check out my blog!