I believe deeply in the transformation and healing that comes from sharing our stories. It is how we can understand who we are, how we can share our truth. Stories connect us; it is through stories that we come to understand that we are not very different from one another.

As a sibling abuse survivor, actor, writer, counsellor, and teacher, I am committed to the power of stories … listening, gathering, writing, and sharing them.

A goal of this website is to be a ‘gathering place’ for stories of sibling abuse … my story, those I have created and will create, and most importantly, the ones that I gather.

YOUR stories.

Stories of struggle and survival; of a difficult childhood and its impact in adulthood; of relationships, perhaps toxic, perhaps estranged, as well as those that are healing and transformative; stories from survivors of sibling abuse, their perpetrators, parents, teachers, therapists and helpers.

Stories that look at all sides.

“Remember, the perpetrator is a victim too.”

Gabor Mate, internationally-renowned doctor, writer, speaker, and a significant  voice in bringing the impact of childhood trauma to the public domain, said that to me at a workshop in Stratford, Ontario; I approached him to talk about my play, Broken Branches, expecting something like, “That’s great! Nobody’s talking about that issue!” But all he said was that.

“Remember, the perpetrator is a victim too.” They also have their story. That wisdom has greatly informed my work, helping me to see our sameness, not our difference. Because … hurt people hurt people.

I believe that by creating space and opportunities to learn about sibling abuse, gathering together and sharing stories of those with all sides of lived experience, we will come to a shared awareness that it’s NOT just rivalry.

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